Tyler Shaum Photography
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Tyler Shaum


I’m a portraiture photographer. It’s what I love to do.

I was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Michigan and Colorado, and now I reside in Washington State.

Things that I enjoy doing other than photography would include a good long road trip, fly fishing a mountain stream, and researching where I want to travel to next.
I drink my coffee black (because it's cheaper), put pineapple on my pizza (I hope you can forgive me, I've forgiven myself) and I strongly believe that pop-tarts (strawberry or blueberry duh) are always an acceptable meal no matter what situation you find yourself in.


My Style?

My photography approach is photojournalistic and candid in style and manner. I believe in capturing the joy and beauty of your day through genuine interaction, unscripted actions, and intimate moments with very little interference. I aim to document every little detail that makes your day as special and unique as you both are.

My Experience?

My interest and experience in photography began several years ago when I was surrounded by the amazing landscapes of Eastern Washington. My unique eye and aptitude for fine art photography quickly developed into a career that has taken me as far as Greece and Uganda. I have traveled the country documenting weddings in multiple states and have worked with organizations across the globe, providing fresh and professional media content to aid in marketing both products and services. My strength of adaptability has allowed me to work with a wide variety of couples and companies, with differing styles, goals, and products. I look forward to working alongside you to fulfill your specific photography needs.